Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I believe but I'm not doing it anymore

IYL Online Seminars continue AT 19:30 AEST on 9 September with three teachers and the topic:

"I absolutely believe in languages teaching but I'm not doing it anymore." Please join us for an Adobe Connect online audio-conference on the problems and constraints that drive away from the profession some of those who love it most. Help us work out how to meet these challenges. Login as Guest at http://callisto.usc.edu.au/languages. No password needed. You need speakers-and-microphone or headset.
The correct archive address for 9 September seminar is
http://callisto.usc.edu.au/p52509402/ You may notice gaps in the recording later in the session - our Breeze system played up a bit. Apologies.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Languages Action Alliance GoogleMap

This map aims to acknowledge all the non-mainstream playgroups, community schools , bilingual schools, Saturday schools, Schools of Languages, adult education organisations and others that work to maintain or teach languages. Email Phil to add your placemarker. Find out more about the Languages Action Alliance and also at Bilingual Families

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