Sunday, May 24, 2009

Archived IYL Online Seminars

The sound and visuals archives of the first 2008 Year of Languages Online Seminars are available (as Adobe Connect archives). Give each a full minute to establish.

Are we entitled to be optimistic about languages education?
Joe Lo Bianco, Melbourne University, 16 April 2008

"Over-enthused and under-prepared: pre-service languages teachers in the spotlight."
Lesley Harbon, Sydney University, 14 May 2008
Accelerative Integrated Method
Oj Rugins, Jenny McKinney and Tim Girard, 11 June 2008

"Primary school languages - our primary failing."
Matthew Absalom, University of Melbourne, 26 June 2008

Australian Languages Education: What is happening at national level?"
Lia Tedesco, School of Languages, South Australia, and President of the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations (AFMLTA), 19 June 2008

"I absolutely believe in languages teaching but I'm not doing it anymore."
Tina, Sunshine Coast and Ella, Melbourne, 9 September 2008