Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Robert Macfarlane on rewilding our language of landscape

The word-hoard: Robert Macfarlane on rewilding our language of landscape. Ann Robertson pointed this out via Facebook. The article is reversing the normal expression and talking about "landscape linguistics" - the thousands of micro-terminologies for landscape features in languages around the world, including English dialects. As the world hyper-urbanises, all that old familiarity with animals, plants, soil, rain and creeks etc may be lost. It will create (is already creating) a different kind of human being (with different language of course for their experience) , ones who voluntarily live like the crew of Star Trek in a totally synthetic environment made of plastics, silicone, aluminium, steel. Go roll on the lawn, quick! Our grandchildren may not know the words "blade of glass tickling your back" or "worm hole" (except in science fiction).

Something else language lovers will like. The Vikings Are Coming! by John-Erik Jordan.