Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Articles on Languages in the media

Four articles in the Australian media about Languages. Something's brewing.

Primary school pupils 'need extra language' by Lucy Hood, February 25, 2008 Adelaide Advertiser
Minding our language by John Töns - 12 March 2008 on National Online Opinion Forum
Big Neighbour Fading From Our Radar by David T. Hill The Australian 12 March 2008
Language skills push for schools by Farrah Tomazin The Age 24 March 2008
'Lost in translation' means same in any language The Age 25 March 2008
'Stop Minding Your Language Matthew Absolom in The Australian 2 April 2008
All Chinese to us [Radio National The National Interest recording - second item] ... our language crisis was first highlighted almost 20 years ago. What can be done? How do we fire up linguistic excitement in potential students?
Learning a language is not just words Matthew Davies April 28, 2008 The Age newspaper
Let's send a message to the world … in their languages, John Hajek and Yvette Slaughter, The Age, May 5, 2008
Learning languages in Australia - too much like hard work? by Fiona Mueller. A 2003 article that has lost none of its relevance.

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Francesco Ricatti said...

Thank you Phil for the blog, it's great. I'll send the link to the colleagues in Sydney.