Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Archive of Joe Lo Bianco online seminar

The Adobe Connect (sound and visuals) archive of the first IYL Online Seminar of 16 April is available at http://callisto.usc.edu.au/p79035458/ Give it a minute to establish. Thanks again to all concerned, especially Joe Lo Bianco for his clarity, his connection to both theory and the real world of classrooms and society,and his unstinting optimism.

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neal said...

Languages of dominant societies over the centuries have served as auxiliary languages, sometimes approaching the international level. French and English have been used as such in recent times in many parts of the world. However, as these languages are associated with the very dominance—cultural, political, and economic—that made them popular, they are often met with strong resistance as well. For this reason, many have turned to the idea of promoting an artificial or constructed language as a possible solution.