Saturday, July 3, 2010

20 reasons to prefer a virtual classroom to only Skype

20 reasons to prefer a virtual classroom to only Skype - of interest to CALL educators


AOT.AU said...

Online education has come a long way and revolutionize the kind of learning. With such advancement, anyone can enroll with the flexibility of place and time.

Phil Mahnken said...

I had a look at AOT. Lovely neat webpages, interesting short articles at Makes me wonder when I view the list of subjects (very Business dominated) if this kind of eLearning, while very successful with fact-and-formula based materials, will be so successful with languages. Languages certainly have plenty of "established knowledge" which one can learn like any other subject but the goal of performative, interactive communicative spoken skills ...? Can you learn music without feedback from a music teacher? Yes, people do in natural settings and communities everywhere as they learn language in natural settings and speech communities. That's not online. I think online audio-visual conferencing used for a quasi-immersion experience can get us to that capacity.